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Bringing you up to Speed.

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My name is Luiz Castro and I am a magician from Toronto Canada.  In this blog I will Keep you updated on new things, tricks, products and more.  My topic today is the Speed Vanish.  Back in 2007/2008, I was playing with Kainoa Harbottle’s F.M.P. and I was trying to make it float up.  And as I was trying, the coin suddenly vanished. Have you ever had the feeling when you have no idea how you did it? And it seemed like real magic? Weird isn’t it? Well it happened to me, but I found out what actually happened, and backtracked my own moves.  That day Speed Vanish was created.  I have shown my effect to many performers, and expert coin guys around the globe, with a lot of success. With time, I have seen many different variations of it, but they all had a BIG problem to me. ANGLES.  Now you ask : “Luiz, come on, most of these types of moves are for one on one or video only. Can you do it for real people?”, and the answer is YES. I worked out many different ways and angle issues that make it possible to be less awkward, less finger moves and better angles.  For the first time I will teach all the ways to make it a reliable vanish, and not just a simple move for YouTubers or video only magic. Hope you guys enjoy it and keep following. Next topic will be off the hook as well. There are a lot of new things coming up. Subscribe for a cool contest soon as well!

Speed Vanish by Luiz Castro