Art is a Mystery

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Art is a Mystery a collection of effects I use when i perform close up magic.  All the effects are customizable to your own personal presentations, and looks.  You will have fun with them as much as I do.


There are eight routines:

Soft Silver- My variation of karate coin.

Locked Prediction – a prediction effect that looks super clean and requires no force and no set up.

Colors — A color changing deck routine that has multiple phases and a ending that nobody will see coming.

Four Ways to Cheat – – My variation of travelers with a different ending.

Focal Point-  A three coin production where they see clean hands at all times.

Focal Point 2.0 – A gaffed Version of Focal Point

Sticky Spit –  A funny version of hanging coins based on the works of Kainoa Harbottle.

WildCoin – A in the hands Wild Coin routine that is not knuckle busting bur very visual.


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